1st Symposium on Ammonia Energy

Cardiff, United Kingdom
01-02 Sept 2022

Important Dates

20th January 2022 - Abstract Opening: Please send your long abstracts (2 pages + references) to                         



Use the attached template. An email confirmation should follow confirming we have received the abstract.

31st July 2022 - Abstract Closure for preparation of the Sessions. 

1st/2nd September 2022 - Symposium.

3rd September 2022 - Visit to RAL Green Ammonia Demo and the city of Oxford. 



Why a Symposium on Ammonia Energy?

Ammonia is emerging as a future energy vector for decarbonisation of the global economy. However, there are still many unknowns before the chemical can be deployed at large scale. Therefore, progress is taking place in every corner of the World. Hence, this event provides an international forum for the presentation and discussion of state-of-the-art scientific and engineering advances on the subject. 


The 1st Symposium

Two Days of Unique Talks
01 Sept 2022
09:00 am (GMT)

Comprehensive work on ammonia as an energy vector currently takes place at Cardiff, UK. The topic has spurred various national and international collaborations, hence attracting the attention of the scientific and industrial community. Therefore, Cardiff University has been put forward to host the event. Our strong International Scientific Committee will ensure that unique research is presented at the conference, attracting innovative topics that will spur further collaboration and development at a multidisciplinary level. 

The event intends to receive contributions from scientists at all levels of their careers, from students to consolidated researchers, ensuring large dissemination of all types of research and development. 

Hosted in Hybrid mode (online and presential), the presential mode will take place at the new Centre of Student Life recently finished at the core of Cardiff city centre. Further details can be found in

Fees: *

* Online participation: Free.

* Presential: Recuperation fees for meals and Gala Dinner (TBC).


* 3rd September: Trip to the Green Ammonia Demonstrator, Rutherford Appleton Laboratories (RAL), Oxfordshire, UK


Sessions and Program

- Novel Ammonia Production Methods: Doug Macfarlane and Kevin Rouwenhorst
- Ammonia Storage and Transportation: Bill David and Josh Makepeace
- Ammonia Combustion, CFD Analyses: Jackie Chen and Rob Bastiaans  

- Ammonia Combustion, Fundamentals (Laminar, Turbulent, etc.): Akihiro Hayakawa and          Thibault Guiberti 
- Ammonia to Power, Combustion-based technologies
   - ICE: Christine Rousselle and Will Northop
   - Furnaces: Mara de Joannon and Rafal Slefarski 
   - Gas Turbines: Cheng Tung Chong and Yuyang Li
   - Detonation/Propellants: Daniel Pugh and Hua Xiao   
- Ammonia to Power, Fuel Cells: Giovanni Cinti and Christian Laycock
- Ammonia Chemistry (Kinetics): Alexander Konnov and Peter Glarborg 
- Health and Safety Studies: David Slater and Phil Bowen
- Energy Conversion and Ammonia Applications (heat transfer, cycle integration, etc.): David Emberson and Mohamed Yehia 
- Material Science and Engineering (catalysts, corrosion, etc.): Alberto Roldan and Armando Ortiz-Prado
- Bio-inspired research and new research concepts: Agustin Valera-Medina and Daniella Pacheco
- Techno-economics and Life Cycle Analyses: Richard Nayak-Luke and Angel D. Ramirez
- Public Perception and Social Sciences: Wouter Poortinga and Christina Demski
- Regulatory issues (ie. environmental) and Policy making: Irene Dedoussi and Kevin Morgan
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Scientific Committee

Proud to bring inspirational researchers from across the globe. Our strong 
international committee (34 members) will ensure the quality of the event.


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Chairs in each session will select the best contributions, which will be invited to publish in the new Journal of Ammonia Energy (Free Open Access) sponsored by Cardiff University Press.
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* The Journal's office site is currently under construction. 

Organizing Committee